Deadline is January 31, 2024 to submit information on your low-cost technology, which will help guide Synchro’s decisions on what to purchase for their tech procurement program. The aim is to boost manufacturing and disseminate the tech further to more users.

Visit our low cost tech page for FAQs and a direct link to the Request for Information to read more about the background, requirements and how to submit.

Low-Cost Tech

Synchro is a UN Ocean Decade Project. And it’s all about Co-Design!

The Ocean Decade of the United Nations (2021-2030) has 271 projects that fall within its highlighted challenges. Of those 17 challenges, one is Ocean Observing C0-Design: Evolving Ocean Observing for a Sustainable Future, sponsored by The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS).

Synchro landing page on UN website

Beneath that umbrella are a dozen projects, of which Synchro is one: Co-design for technology evolution! It’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of the larger GOOS community and recognized by the other UN-endorsed projects, especially on the topic of co-design, which is Synchro’s main engine.

But what is co-design?

Successful co-design is defined here as actions that:

  • Involve all concerned stakeholders
  • Engage all stakeholders throughout all stages (e.g. identification, production and dissemination)
  • Build on pre-existing relationships, networks and shared experiences and embraces transdiscplinary resource.

For a fantastic breakdown on co-design and how to bring that into an ocean program successfully, please click on resource below :

Co-design guidance document front page